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“Our mission is to help Christians bring word of God’s love and love of God’s Word to public school students”

Jenni Miller.1School Ministries Ohio (formerly WeCARE for Students) was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Miller to start and strengthen Ohio released time programs. Prior to leading School   Ministries Ohio, Jenni served in her local released time program, WyandotCares, as board member and volunteer, having led the charge to reinstate her community’s 45-year-old weekday religious education program after its abrupt cancellation in 2002 when her daughter was a student. Six months later, after much prayer, researching and petitioning, the program was reinstated. Since then, it has grown to serve more than 400 students - starting from two grades in two districts to a current total of 16 grades in three districts.

Through her efforts in Wyandot County, Jenni was convicted of the need to engage in a state-wide effort to promote released time Bible programming; their group formed, then joined School Ministries, Inc. in 2008; Jennifer has joyfully served as its Ohio Director since then. The name of the organization changed from WeCARE for Students to School Ministries Ohio in 2017, in an effort to bring more continuity and connection between the state and national organizations. Together, these organizations have provided assistance and advice to many communities in Ohio that want to see the blessing of God-centered instruction for their students.


The mission of School Ministries Ohio is to help Christians bring word of God’s love and love of God’s Word to public school students. School Ministries Ohio works to remove institutional and cultural obstacles to Released Time programming --  “clearing the fields” as pioneers once did --  to help the planters sow the seeds of the Gospel, as we trust God for a bountiful harvest! Specifically, we...

  • equip leaders to successfully propose, offer and maintain “Released Time” Bible classes for public school students;
  • educate about constitutional and other legal requirements for permissible Released Time Bible  programming, and
  • encourage Christians to work together as the body of Christ.

Our passion is to help you start and maintain a successful Released Time program to serve the public school students in your community. School Ministries Ohio will respond to your request to:

  • Make a presentation to your church or community group about the need for and legality of released time Bible classes
  • Coach you through the process of getting a released time program up and running
  • Help your established released time program review its policies and procedures in light of best practices and developing legal trends
  • Network with other released time providers at state and national conferences

School Ministries, Inc.
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