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Ken Breivik, Executive Director of School Ministries, Inc.  

As Executive Director, let me welcome you to School Ministries Members' Zone! Whether you are new to Released Time Bible Education or a long time veteran, Members' Zone can be one of your most valuable tools in building and maintaining healthy and growing programs. Your time is a limited and precious resource, and frequent use of this site can prevent your program from reinventing the wheel. It can help you save time and effort.

The Zone is made up of articles, documents and forms that can allow you to benefit from the successes of other Released Time programs. Sometimes the resources have been donated by members who have developed them and found them to be practical and useful. Sometimes the resources are the result of a group of Released Time people working together. Either way you can profit from their efforts.

I also encourage you to let us know if you need something that is not currently in the Zone, and/or let us know when you have developed or enhanced an existing resource to meet your needs. Your contributions can enrich our resource base and help others to be more effective and efficient.

I hope you will be a frequent visitor to our Members' Zone, and I wish you great blessings as you serve God in bringing hope to public school children through Released Time Bible Education.

In Christ,
Kenneth A. Breivik


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